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What We Believe

Many people visit a church as a kind of port in a storm. It is often viewed as somewhere to find a little bit of peace in a busy world or difficult situation. You may find temporary peace in a building but real peace only comes from within based on something solid, something immovable.

That something for us comes out of a relationship with God. We believe Christianity is about a relationship rather than a ritual.

It is important to build our lives on good foundations, something that stands firm in the storms of life. Our foundations are built on faith in God. Faith is simply believing God and comes to us basically by accepting what the bible says about God. Our faith leads us to believe that the bible is totally trustworthy and inspired by God and is sufficient for teaching us about what to believe and how to live our lives. We recognise our real statement of faith is demonstrated by what we do and how we live.

We worship God as one God and yet three distinct persons father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that God created everything and sustains it or keeps it going. From the beginning of time God has always wanted His own people, people who belong to Him, honour Him and enjoy Him.

We believe that although men and women were made perfect in the beginning they chose to turn away from God and continue to do so. Because of this mankind is dead spiritually and unable to turn towards God without the Holy Spirit giving life.

We believe that in the ‘fullness of time’ God sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world born as a man to show us clearly what God is like. Jesus died as a substitute for rebellious humanity and He rose from the dead on the third day. Many of His friends witnessed Him physically and soon after He was taken up into heaven.

Men and women can now receive by faith a right standing with God through Jesus as a free gift because of atonement, meaning that we can be completely forgiven and made right with God.

The Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus after he returned to heaven. The Holy Spirit the third person of the trinity works in and through believers in many and varied ways but includes giving guidance and power. He also challenges those who do not profess to be Christians about their sin and is the only way that we can come to a point of conversion. We believe that the Holy Spirit gives gifts to help believers serve God and build the church.

The Bible describes the church not as a building made up of bricks or stone etc but rather as a temple of living stones ie people being built together upon Jesus as the sure and solid foundation.

  • "There I was: 25, happily married, gorgeous home and a beautiful baby boy! What more could there be to life? Well I was terribly lonely, exhausted and on the verge of depression when a lady with a baby the same age invited me for coffee. She had the same baby ‘troubles’ as me but something kept her smiling and full of peace. Then she asked me (somewhere between "Here is your coffee" and "Would you like a biscuit?”), "Do you know Jesus?” My life’s journey had begun; when will yours start? - Sonia"

  • ""Why aren't you a Christian?" The question cut through our conversation. At college I'd just found out that my best friend was a Christian and was enjoying winding him up in front of the group. "Why are you a Christian?" I mockingly asked. Then that question came from a girl at the back of the class. I realised I didn't have a sensible answer as it was something I had never considered. If my friend thought it important, shouldn't I at least look at it and decide if there was something true about it? - Ralph"

  • "Unloved, a nobody - that's how I felt. God knocked on my door. Eventually I let him in. Now I know I'm loved for just who I am. Now I'm somebody. I'm special to God and He is special to me. It's so lovely to be loved unconditionally. -Mary, aged 57"

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