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Our Story

In the early 1980s a married couple based in Selby began praying for more from their Christian lives than they had been experiencing in their denominational setting. The vision gripped them that they wanted to see a church that was passionate for Jesus and who refused to compromise on Biblical values.

Within a few years in answer to their prayers they were put in touch with a man based in Leeds who was working for the Yorkshire Baptist Association (YBA) who was looking to plant a church in Selby. In 1985 three couples from Selby and the missioner met together with a view to starting a church.
Quickly outgrowing the homes where they met they began Sunday morning meetings with 20-30 people at Barlby Hill top school. About that time the church was received into the Baptist Union of GB and the YBA and became known as Selby Baptist Church (SBC).

Looking to be based in the centre of town the church moved its Sunday meeting to an unused chapel in the Millgate area of the town of Selby. The church established itself very quickly starting from the very basic beginnings of having no Pastor, no history, no traditions and no money. However convinced that what they read in the Bible was still true today and armed with the ‘Good News’ they began to build. Soon outgrowing the small chapel and its very basic facilities SBC moved their Sunday meeting to Brayton College which served them well with its excellent facilities.

In the 1990’s and making an impact in the local community the leaders building relationships with churches from a ‘house church’ background came into contact with NEWFRONTIERS and seeing their own identity linked to that of a ‘family of churches together on a mission’ ceased to meet as SBC and joined with NEWFRONTIERS changing the name to Kings Church Selby (KCS) but taking the whole congregation at the time through the process together with the encouragement of the YBA.

With a fresh emphasis on the Grace of God and through building relationships together with other Newfrontiers churches in the north of England the church quickly grew in numbers and influence in the town.

Through many aspects of Social Action and Outreach in the town began to have recognition for their debt councelling centre, family fun days, school assemblies and ALPHA In 2010 KCS were invited to join the local United Reformed Church (URC) in sharing their building on New lane in the centre of Selby. This generous offer helped the church to continue to serve the community now with facilities that they could use over the full week and so moved the Sunday morning meetings from the college in Brayton to New lane on a shared basis with the URC.

The building on New Lane has been a real blessing and helped us with many more ways of serving the community with the likes of Youth work, Toddlers Group a Café and various events in the evening including social events like the very popular Murder Mystery evenings, concerts, Craft Fairs and much more.

We believe that the local church should be very much a part of the community and we are able to express this in many ways with New Lane as a base.

2017 is bringing new and exciting changes for Kings Church as we expand to include meetings in Sherburn-in-Elmet. There will be new announcements coming throughout this year and beyond, so stay tuned!

  • "There I was: 25, happily married, gorgeous home and a beautiful baby boy! What more could there be to life? Well I was terribly lonely, exhausted and on the verge of depression when a lady with a baby the same age invited me for coffee. She had the same baby ‘troubles’ as me but something kept her smiling and full of peace. Then she asked me (somewhere between "Here is your coffee" and "Would you like a biscuit?”), "Do you know Jesus?” My life’s journey had begun; when will yours start? - Sonia"

  • ""Why aren't you a Christian?" The question cut through our conversation. At college I'd just found out that my best friend was a Christian and was enjoying winding him up in front of the group. "Why are you a Christian?" I mockingly asked. Then that question came from a girl at the back of the class. I realised I didn't have a sensible answer as it was something I had never considered. If my friend thought it important, shouldn't I at least look at it and decide if there was something true about it? - Ralph"

  • "Unloved, a nobody - that's how I felt. God knocked on my door. Eventually I let him in. Now I know I'm loved for just who I am. Now I'm somebody. I'm special to God and He is special to me. It's so lovely to be loved unconditionally. -Mary, aged 57"

What's On?

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    Sherburn-in-Elmet launch celebration!

    Eversley Park Centre, Sherburn-in-Elmet


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    Public Meeting – Q&A on King’s Church coming to Sherburn-in-Elmet

    Eversley Park Centre, Low Street, Sherburn-in-Elmet


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    Prayer meeting

    New Lane, Selby


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