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Meet Us

We are just some of the people who give of our time and talents to see Kings Church built into the church God has called us to be. We help plan, co-ordinate, administrate, organise and teach amongst other things.

The whole church is involved in this to some degree which is Gods perfect plan for what church should be. Most of us have full time jobs apart from church but love being involved with people from all walks of life.

Here is just a brief insight into our lives and who we are.

The Pastor & His Wife


Dave & Ange Ward

Dave and Ange have lived in the Selby area all their lives and love the town. They have both been part of the church since it began with six people in the mid – eighties. Dave was a carpet fitter in the town for 25yrs and Ange was a supervisor in a very popular pre-school playgroup. Both now work full time for the church. Dave leads the church taking responsibility for vision and values, preaching and ALPHA?. Ange is involved with Pastoral and counselling aspects of church and usually leads the meetings when the church get together to pray. Both are passionate about marriage and family and run regular courses featuring both subjects. September 2014 sees their 30th wedding anniversary, they have two boys in their 20s. In his spare time Dave likes fishing and golf and Ange relaxes enjoying walking and coffee shops.

 The Leadership Team


Ralph & Anne Gill

We’re Ralph & Anne and we’ve been in King’s Church since 2001.  From the first Sunday service we attended back then King’s has always felt like home. We love the biblically based principles and teachings here in King’s Church. We both work full-time – Ralph as a Local Government Officer and Anne as a nurse.  We have three sons; the eldest lives and works in York; the second is at university reading politics and sociology; the third is at high school. We have previously been privileged to lead a cell group and recently joined the Alpha team. Ralph currently leads services and preaches on a regular basis and Anne is a member of the worship team and helps with children’s work.


Jez & Julie Chadwick

Hello, our names are Jeremy and Julie Chadwick. We’re both originally from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and settled in the Selby area in the early 1990s. We have three grown up children and have been part of King’s Church for many years. enjoying the freedom in worship and serving alongside spirit filled people who desire to honour and serve God in their own community. Our passion is evangelism and supporting young and vulnerable people in our society. We believe in the power of the Gospel that changes lives, brings hope and leads to salvation.


Carl & Teresa Cockcroft

We have been coming along to Kings Church for a happy 15yrs. We have two small children so life is busy. Carl works as a swimming coach and teacher and Teresa in advertising. We love being part of Kings Church and have a good social life and group of friends. Teresa is one of the worship leaders and Carl is involved in other areas of church from leading small groups (cell) to directing dramas and plays also youth work. We both love to have a good laugh, good company and a dance when we get chance. We both began our relationship with God in 1998 and have not looked back since. Kings Church is a great place spiritually and socially.


Paul & Sonia Hampshire

Paul and Sonia have lived in the Selby area since 1996. They have been part of Kings Church since 2004 where amongst other things, they lead a mid week cell group and Alpha . They have three school aged children, two boys and a girl.


Hannah Luckins

Hi, I’m Hannah. I’ve grown up in the Selby area and have been coming to King’s Church since 1996, where I have valued the teaching and friendships I have made. I jointly lead worship in church, and believe our times of worship to be moments when we not only praise God, but also raise faith, strengthen our relationship with Him and build unity within the church.  I am a primary school teacher and have a passion for working with children in and outside of the church. In my free time I like walking, baking, live music and playing the harp, and recently I have been teaching myself to play the ukulele.


Tracy Gleeson

Hi, my name is Tracy and I’m married to Sean, we have two children, a boy and girl both at high school. We moved to the Selby area from London in 1998. I work at a local primary school as the Home School Link Worker and TA.  Almost thirteen years ago I heard about Kings Church and after attending the Alpha course I realised this was the church for me. I initially started as a helper with Children’s Work and I am currently the Children’s work coordinator.  I’m still as passionate now about the work we do with them as I was at the beginning. Kings Church is my extended family.


Brian and Mary

Hello, We are Brian and Mary and we head up a team of very friendly people who will give you a warm welcome when you come to Kings Church. Brian loves all things Spanish and is indeed a retired Spanish teacher. He enjoys digging into his family history, and going out riding his motorcycle. Mary is a part-time Teaching Assistant at a local Primary School. She loves meeting up with friends, hospitality and generally having fun. Together we have a daughter, Hannah,who is also a teacher and a musician. We also have a cat!


  • "There I was: 25, happily married, gorgeous home and a beautiful baby boy! What more could there be to life? Well I was terribly lonely, exhausted and on the verge of depression when a lady with a baby the same age invited me for coffee. She had the same baby ‘troubles’ as me but something kept her smiling and full of peace. Then she asked me (somewhere between "Here is your coffee" and "Would you like a biscuit?”), "Do you know Jesus?” My life’s journey had begun; when will yours start? - Sonia"

  • ""Why aren't you a Christian?" The question cut through our conversation. At college I'd just found out that my best friend was a Christian and was enjoying winding him up in front of the group. "Why are you a Christian?" I mockingly asked. Then that question came from a girl at the back of the class. I realised I didn't have a sensible answer as it was something I had never considered. If my friend thought it important, shouldn't I at least look at it and decide if there was something true about it? - Ralph"

  • "Unloved, a nobody - that's how I felt. God knocked on my door. Eventually I let him in. Now I know I'm loved for just who I am. Now I'm somebody. I'm special to God and He is special to me. It's so lovely to be loved unconditionally. -Mary"

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