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About Us

Welcome to Kings Church!
We are a lively, welcoming church based in the centre of Selby town on New Lane.
We are in the process of expanding to include meetings in Sherburn-in-Elmet, so watch this space!

As a church we aim to serve our local community, bringing God’s transforming love both to Selby, Sherburn and beyond. We are involved in many aspects of social action locally, offering solutions to the problems people face in 21st century life. We run a toddler group and have a café each week as well as more seasonal events like our very popular ‘fun in the park’ through the summer. We regularly run ALPHA and host many social events like murder mystery evenings and concerts. We also offer a Parish Nurse service. Parish Nursing

As part of the Regions Beyond family of churches, we are united in global mission by core values and genuine relationships. To find out more about Regions Beyond, visit

We meet at 10:30am every Sunday in Selby for worship, fellowship and friendship. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy God together and we extend a very warm welcome to anybody wishing to visit us.

We’d love to see you there!

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  • "There I was: 25, happily married, gorgeous home and a beautiful baby boy! What more could there be to life? Well I was terribly lonely, exhausted and on the verge of depression when a lady with a baby the same age invited me for coffee. She had the same baby ‘troubles’ as me but something kept her smiling and full of peace. Then she asked me (somewhere between "Here is your coffee" and "Would you like a biscuit?”), "Do you know Jesus?” My life’s journey had begun; when will yours start? - Sonia"

  • ""Why aren't you a Christian?" The question cut through our conversation. At college I'd just found out that my best friend was a Christian and was enjoying winding him up in front of the group. "Why are you a Christian?" I mockingly asked. Then that question came from a girl at the back of the class. I realised I didn't have a sensible answer as it was something I had never considered. If my friend thought it important, shouldn't I at least look at it and decide if there was something true about it? - Ralph"

  • "Unloved, a nobody - that's how I felt. God knocked on my door. Eventually I let him in. Now I know I'm loved for just who I am. Now I'm somebody. I'm special to God and He is special to me. It's so lovely to be loved unconditionally. -Mary, aged 57"

What's On?

See “What’s On” at Kings Church, Selby

  • 14


    Sherburn-in-Elmet launch celebration!

    Eversley Park Centre, Sherburn-in-Elmet


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  • 24


    Public Meeting – Q&A on King’s Church coming to Sherburn-in-Elmet

    Eversley Park Centre, Low Street, Sherburn-in-Elmet


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  • 26


    Prayer meeting

    New Lane, Selby


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  • Philippians part 1

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    23 May, 2017

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